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Please Note:

(potentially life-threatening)

should be reported to the appropriate emergency service IMMEDIATELY!

FIRE: Dial 911
GAS LEAK: Call (617) 469-2300 or (800) 233-5325 from a safe location.

Potentially Damaging Situations
(other units or common areas may be damaged)
WATER LEAKS: Call Lundgren Management (617) 887-3333 immediately.

Less Urgent Situations
Generally, problems in common areas (entryways, laundries, elevators, exterior and hallway lighting, heat, hot water, etc.) should be reported to the Fenmore Maintenance Office and/or Lundgren Management.

Fenmore Maintenance Office
64 Charlesgate East (basement)
(617) 424-8235
Fenmore Maintenance Director: Doug Curry

Lundgren Management Group
121 Captain’s Row
Chelsea, MA 02150
Phone: (617) 887-3333
Fax: (617) 887-3330 Property Manager: Kevin Keliher