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Welcome to the Fenmore Condominium Association website.
Through this website you can access a great deal of useful information for residents and owners at the Fenmore.

The Fenmore now offers FREE WiFi!
Contact the Fenmore Maintenance Office for details and log-in information.
NEW RESIDENTS!   If you are a new resident of the Fenmore be sure to visit the New Residents page for important basic information. Also, if you are new to living in a condominium community be sure to read the “Condo 101” section of the 2019 Fenmore Resident Information Handbook. Printed copies are available at the Fenmore Maintenance Office (basement of 64 Charlesgate East) to Fenmore residents and owners or you can download a PDF copy from the link above. In it you will find information about the Fenway neighborhood, the managment company, intercom and security systems, trash disposal, recycling, laundry rooms, parking, bicycle storage, parking, and much more.

NEW Laundry Room FEATURES: The laundry rooms in each building have been recently upgraded with equipment that will not only allow you to pay with a credit⁄debit card, you can locate machines that are available and monitor the progress of your laundry cycle from your computer or smart phone! For more information on using the software (called “LaundryView”) go to the Laundry Room page.

NOTE: Air Conditioner Regulations: Large window air conditioners can be a safety hazard and damage building masonry so the Fenmore has set some new regulations and recommendations for these appliances and their installation. Please read the Window Air Conditioner Memo or contact the Fenmore Maintenance Office if you have questions.
Fenmore Storage Bins Still Available!
A few basement storage lockers are available for rent in the 1109 Boylston Street building. Lockers are roughly 3'x4'x8' and can be leased for $250/year. Contact Lundgren Management for details.

The DOCUMENTS page contains important condominium documents (minutes, budget, insurance certification, etc.) for unit owners at the Fenmore. This page is restricted; owners received log-in instructions from Lundgren Management. If you have lost the log-in information contact Lundgren Management.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to several common questions of residents and owners.

A Decade+ of Improvements at the Fenmore
The Fenmore board of trustees and Lundgren Management have put together a review of capital improvements that have been undertaken over the last 10 to 15 years. The report, titled Fenmore Capital Improvements Update, contains valuable information for all current (and prospective) Fenmore unit owners. Many of these improvements are immediately evident (new doors, mailboxes, intercoms, etc.) but many of the infrastructure improvements need to be pointed out. You can download a copy of the 11-page update by clicking the link above or at the left.